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Top tips for a hassle – free house move according to experts

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The number of Brits looking to move house rose by 15% last year 1, but the buying process can be stressful, particularly if you’re doing it for the first time. 

For those who may be heading into the unknown when it comes to moving house, Vlatka Lake, storage expert at Space Station, has revealed her five expert tips for having a hassle-free move. 

1) Make a master list 

Moving is a lengthy and a somewhat complex process. You need to account for packing, transport, contacting utility providers, giving notice to landlords and informing your friends and family.  With so much to consider, you are bound to forget a thing or two. 

Vlatka explains: “To keep yourself on track, make a master list of everything you need to do to complete your move successfully. We suggest breaking tasks into separate days or even weeks, starting from a month before your moving date. This will help you work around prior engagements and make room for new tasks that may come up.” 

2) Pack efficiently 

There are several techniques that will make your moving easier, especially when packing items for your first home. It’s important to choose your packing materials carefully – the appropriate boxes can make or break a move. Making sure all boxes are clearly labelled will help ease this process when unboxing.  Vlakta adds: “Labelling clearly which items are fragile is incredibly important – you should avoid storing any delicate items at the bottom off or underneath heavy boxes. Also, consider whether you’ll need access to any specific items immediately before or after the move date, and place them somewhere they can be easily reached.” 

3) Consider storage crates 

Storage crates are an eco-friendly alternative to boxes or carrier bags when it comes to moving smaller household items. If you decide to go down this route when moving house, you must first figure out how many crates you will need to comfortably move your belongings. Suitable items for storage crates include books, kitchen supplies and electronics, so once your large furniture has been stored to one side, you can get a better idea of the quantity of items you need to move. 

Vlatka explains: “Moving fragile or valuable belongings in storage crates is far more efficient than using boxes. Their sturdy material is not only protective of your items but minimises plastic and cardboard waste that would otherwise come from boxes, bags and tape to seal them. Rental services also mean no empty boxes floating around the house once your unpacked, as they get sent back to be re-used by someone else.” 

4) Bringing in the experts 

While you may think you can tackle the big day by yourself, your first house move is a completely new experience, so bringing in a few experts is advised. A good removal service will be essential to help transport and lift any heavy furniture. However, bringing in family to help as well will make the move quicker and more fun! 

Vlatka says: “Removal services have the correct equipment and knowledge to safely move your belonging between properties, so make sure to book them in advance of the big day. Also consider storage units in case of delays during the move or if you need to move things in increments.” 

5) Triple Check Everything 

At every step of your house moving journey, it is important to check that everything is in order. Go over your inventory as you pack it up, move it into storage or a removal van and again when you move it into the new property. This will ensure you don’t lose anything along the way when things could get chaotic. 

Vlatka Lake added: Moving to your brand-new home can be one of the most exciting things in life. We know it can be also very tricky, especially if you have several items to store and you don’t know where to start. A few simple changes can really make a difference and by planning and following a simple plan can ensure a smooth transition into your first home. 

“The moving process should be as stress free as possible and there are processes in place which will help ensure your move goes off without a hitch. Many families and couples leave the organisational part to the last minute, thinking that moving is just one way street, but that’s not the case”.