UK homes losing heat up to three times faster than European neighbours

UK homes lose heat significantly faster than European neighbours, even when factoring in outside temperature.

A UK home with an indoor temperature of 20°C and an outside temperature of 0°C loses on average 3°C after five hours.

This means that UK homes are losing heat up to three times as fast as Western European neighbours such as Germany, where homes lose 1°C over the course of five hours.

The UK has old housing stock compared to some of the rest of Europe, with approximately 38% of its homes dating from before 1946, compared to 24% for Germany and Sweden.

Christian Deilmann, co-founder and chief product officer of tado, said: “The UK is a leader in smart technology adoption but is lagging behind Europe when it comes to energy-efficient homes

“The good news is that there are lots of great solutions available and a huge opportunity for energy savings to be made.”

Less than 2% of UK homes have top energy-efficiency ratings.

However new homes built to a zero carbon homes standard can save over £200 a year on their energy bills.

Chris Lovatt, managing director of E.ON UK’s Residential business, said: “On an individual level, there are many ways we can ensure our homes are as energy efficient as possible and we offer a range of solutions to help meet people’s differing needs.

“Simple steps such as ensuring lofts and walls are well insulated, ensuring you have a smart meter installed, an energy efficient boiler, and investing in other smart technologies – such as a tado° smart thermostat – can help you cut energy waste and enable you to better manage your home energy use.”