Blackpool handed £90 million to ‘level up’

Inner Blackpool is receiving £90 million of regeneration investment from the government in a bid to create new homes and neighbourhoods.

The money comes from Home England’s Brownfield Infrastructure Land (BIL) Fund programme, while it will be used to construct mixed-tenure homes, the government said.

The announcement was made by the Levelling Up Secretary Michael Gove at Convention of the North.

Peter Denton, chief executive of Homes England, said: “I defy anyone to not be moved by the challenges that many of the residents of Blackpool face in their day-to-day life. Blackpool Council are utterly committed to addressing this and Homes England very much wishes to support the vision they have for their town and its inhabitants.

“This investment signals Levelling Up in action, indeed social equity, accelerating the regeneration of housing in inner Blackpool as part of a much wider mission to transform local communities and catalyse vital positive change in some of the town’s most deprived areas.

“We look forward to continuing our work together, to drive positive change and create strong and vibrant communities in the town.”

A full public consultation will be launched later this year.

Cllr Lynn Williams Leader of Blackpool Council, said: “We are extremely pleased about today’s announcement. It has been eagerly awaited and is a testament to the strong working relationship we have with Central Government, Homes England and a number of other partners locally and nationally.

“Our residents and communities desperately need better housing and investment in their neighbourhoods, especially in the inner areas of Blackpool. We will use this funding to continue the process of positive change, improving housing, neighbourhoods and life chances across inner Blackpool. We will be holding a full public consultation concerning our plans for a first phase.

“We want to create strong neighbourhoods – stable, thriving and sustainable neighbourhoods that have access to things like health services, decent jobs, quality housing, schools and leisure activities.

“It is our vision that over time you will see the removal of housing that does not meet modern standards, with new and better housing created in its place, in better neighbourhoods, designed with the interests of Blackpool residents and businesses at their heart. We want people to love where they live.”