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Buyers want plenty of information when they are buying a new home

People, especially older buyers, are more likely to buy a new build home if they get sufficient information leading to a better service during the buying process, a new study suggests.

The majority, some 94% of people state that the customer service they receive when buying a home is important and 83% say that poor customer service would put them off buying or renting a new build home.

The research conducted by new home handover solutions firm Classic Folios, also found that 63% believe that as long as they are kept adequately informed and communications are honest throughout the buying process, they would not mind the hassle of buying a new home.

Despite these claims, however, 17% of those surveyed have experienced poor customer service during the buying or renting process, with the majority of those surveyed stating there are factors, such as better communication and management processes, that would make the home buying experience easier, demonstrating a need for improvement in the industry.

‘As shown by our research, a seamless customer experience is of utmost importance, especially when it comes to making big life decisions such as buying a new home. This is one of the reasons we continually develop to support developers in providing customers with information and effective communication that is available 24/7,’ said David Graydon, managing director at Classic Folios.

‘Buying a new home is more than just purchasing a building, it’s the whole experience from reservation, through to completion and aftercare, so it’s important that developers and other housing providers are taking this on board to meet their customers’ requirements, while at the same time enhancing their brand,’ he added.

The research also revealed that nearly a third of people are concerned about finding problems that require further work once the property was completed. But 46% consider the buying process to be easier with a new build, as they can choose certain options, such as colour palettes and fitted appliances, when buying off plan directly with the developer or builder.

Furthermore, the research found that when buying a home, 47% of those polled consider the most important factor when deciding on where to buy is being near shops, followed by local amenities such as pubs and restaurants while being in the catchment area for local schools also of importance.