Developer appetites highest for land and farming plots

Land plots are particularly in demand amongst the nation’s developers, with farm/agricultural land also proving a popular option, research from Searchland shows.

Some 48.4% of land only plots have been snapped up, followed by agricultural and farm land plots (47.3%)

These categories stand above residential development opportunities (39.4%), industrial sites (37.2%) and commercial development plots (35.9%).

Mitchell Fasanya, co-founder and chief executive of Searchland, said: “Despite the wider economic landscape there remains a robust appetite for the development of all land site types across England, but it’s certainly land only and agricultural plots that are proving the most popular amongst investors and developers.

“This is hardly surprising given the clean slate that a land only plot provides and the time and cost saved during the development stage as a result.

“It’s also become increasingly common for developers to look to the agricultural sector to secure land suitable for commercial projects, such as logistical sites and warehouse storage. This demand is predictably focussed across the regions with a traditionally more prominent agricultural DNA such as Yorkshire and the South West.

“But while demand remains high, the challenge facing developers is staying ahead of the game when it comes to identifying potential opportunities that suit their individual needs and being able to act quickly enough to secure them before their competitors.

“The good news is that, like much of the UK property sector, technology is helping to streamline this process, removing much of the heavy lifting during the laborious search process, so developers can concentrate on the more important tasks at hand.”

Land-only plots remain the most in-demand development opportunity across London (33%), the North East (34.9%), North West (44.7%) and South East (£48.5%).

However, across the South West (75%), Yorkshire and the Humber (75%) and West Midlands (75%), it’s farming plot opportunities that investors and developers have their sights firmly fixed on.

In the East of England, commercial plots are most in demand (55%), while in the East Midlands, it’s industrial sites (50%).