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Dulwich now a London hotspot


London’s Dulwich has seen a 153% surge in enquiries since 2023, signalling that more people are looking to move to the area, Foxtons data shows.

Dulwich is mainly in the borough of Southwark, and it’s known as being an affluent area of the city.

Other regions seeing a major uplift are Hampstead (104%), Ilford (101%), Kingston and Stoke Newington (89%).

Guy Gittins, chief executive at Foxtons, said: “It’s been an extremely positive start to the year for the London property market and we’ve already seen a notable increase in the number of buyers enquiring across all but a handful of areas.

“This is despite the fact that mortgage rates are yet to come down and such a show of intent so early in the year only bodes well for the coming months as we head into what is traditionally the busiest time of year for market activity.

“So if you are thinking of purchasing in 2024, now is the time to spring into action, as you’ll already be facing a higher degree of competition from other buyers and this competition is only going to intensify.”

The average number of buyer enquiries being made per month has increased by 41% across the entire London market.