Edinburgh developer upgrades EPCs

Build-to-Rent developer Kingsford Group is upgrading the EPC ratings of its luxury Edinburgh apartments to C.

The group has secured a dedicated Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) Improvement Loan from Secure Trust Bank (STB) to make the improvements.

Its Edwardian building, which was converted into 74 luxury apartments in 2017, has a gym, roof garden and co-working business space.

Alex Watts, chief executive of Kingsford Group, said: “The loan we’ve agreed from Secure Trust Bank is essential to our ambitions to transform the energy performance of The Kingsford Residence towards fully renewable net-zero operation.

“As a landlord you have the ability to make a difference. Fundamentally, our team and clients care about the future of the planet and this means exceeding minimum standards wherever possible.

“Matthew at Secure Trust Bank understood my desire to make the right decisions for people and the planet, which is why there was no doubt in my mind that the EPC Improvement Loan was the best option.

“Not only do we want to continue leading the way in the Scottish BTR market, we want to do it in an environmentally positive way – changing the industry through changing opinions on the value of eco-friendly development.”

To issue new tenancies landlords may have to upgrade their properties to an EPC level of C by 2028, though housing secretary Michael Gove has suggested that deadline may come too early.