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Probate sales platform launches

An online property platform dedicated to sales in probate has launched called Probate Property Hub.

The hub has been created for solicitors and buyers to quicken up property sales.

Shaahid Quinn, operations manager at Probate Property Hub, said: “Achieving the quick sale of a property during the probate process can often be a challenge for solicitors and is typically quite time-consuming.

“Our platform is designed to simplify this process and give solicitors access to buyers who are keen to purchase probate properties.

“We are fortunate to already have a hugely diverse pool of property investors across the UK, who have experience of purchasing probate properties and have funds in place to ensure swift completion.”

The sales are open to all buyers, who must also register with the site.

The service offers firms assistance with obtaining property packs, energy performance certificates, supervised property viewings and will pre-check potential bidders.

Buyers can be introduced to lenders and conveyancing firms if they wish.

The legal requirements for solicitors to achieve the best possible price is said to be taken into account, rather than depending on discounted prices to achieve rushed sales.

In order to sell a property using the site, solicitors can register their details and choose between a regular auction-style sale or buy now or set a minimum price guarantee.

Each listing allows firms to provide important information regarding the property and photos. Solicitors can also include information about open days and the platform helps with communication.

Quinn added: “Technology is playing an important role in all areas of the law and we are seeing more and more innovations designed to aid solicitors in their day-to-day work.

“Despite only just going live, we are already seeing considerable interest in this platform and so we hope that more solicitors utilise it to achieve sales for their clients.”