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Study reveals most affordable places for London commuters

Apsley in Hertfordshire is the most affordable commuter town for people living in London and Oxshott in Surrey is the most expensive, according to a new analysis.

Low property prices means that commuters in Apsley are quids in even with the steep rise in rail fairs, according to the study from online mortgage broker Trussle which looked at house prices, mortgage payments and the cost of rail season tickets in 300 towns within 75 minutes of central London.

Oxshott came out as the most expensive location for commuters, largely to an average property price of £1.7 million. Virginia Water is the second least affordable location due to an average property price of £1.2million and an 87 minute daily commute to and from London Waterloo.

A breakdown of the figures shows that to live in Apsley costs the average person £1,139 a month. The town has a relatively short total commute of 52 minutes with that costing £327 a month, giving it a total of £1,446.

Taking second place is the town of Ebbsfleet in Kent, which offers a particularly short commute to London and back at 36 minutes while average property prices are also low, at £243,000. In third place is the town of Tilbury in Essex, which benefits from a reasonably priced annual season ticket, at £2,448, or £204 a month.

‘House prices in London are unaffordable for a lot of people, so it’s little wonder that so many workers choose to commute from areas where they can get more for their money,’ said Ishaan Malhi, Trussle chief executive officer.

‘This often comes at the price of hefty rail fares, and with the rise in transport costs, it’s important home owners are taking this into consideration as they look to move house,’ he added.