Study reveals where Help to Buy is being used the most in England

New research reveals which parts of England have the highest number of homes bought using the Government’s flagship Help to Buy scheme by the end of March 2018.

London has the highest number at 12,206, followed by Greater Manchester at 7,280, the West Midlands at 7,074, West Yorkshire at 6,530, Cheshire at 6,391 and Essex at 5,915.

The study from also shows that the locations which remain firmly in the middle with neither the highest or lowest number of property transactions include Staffordshire at 3,737, Cambridgeshire at 3,631, West Sussex at 3,578, Derbyshire at 3,444) and Nottingham at 3,270.

At the bottom end of the scale, the areas with the lowest number were Bristol at 808, East Sussex at 732, Herefordshire at 309, Rutland at 255 and the Isle of Wight at 187.

The research also analysed the percentage increase each location has displayed since the start of the scheme and those with the highest increase in the number of homes sold under the governmental scheme are Herefordshire at 3000%, Oxfordshire at 1,460%, London at 1,360.53%, Norfolk at 1,064.29% and Cumbria at 766.67%.

Although Herefordshire had the fourth lowest number of properties sold using Help to Buy equity loan, the county highlighted the most significant increase since the first quarter of 2013.

A breakdown of the figures for London shows that Barnet had the most properties sold with the scheme since 2013 at 914, followed by Havering at 785 and Greenwich at 732.

In contrast, it comes as no surprise that Kensington and Chelsea had just two sales, the City of London also had just two and Westminster third last with 32.