Tenants in the UK name having a pet as their top desire for rented home

Pets and a high speed internet connection are the top things that tenants in the private rented sector in the UK want from their rented home, new research has found.

Some 28% of tenant are willing to pay an average of £24 a month more for their rent if they are able to keep a pet while 21% would pay an average of £19 extra each month for the benefit of high speed internet.

When it comes to rented flats with communal facilities the top extra is a gym with 41% willing to pay an average of £20 for one, according to the analysis by home supplies firm Showerstoyou.

This was followed closely behind was a laundry facility, where 34% of renters would be content with spending an average of £10 each month to wash and dry their clothes in an allocated room.

The research also found that 32% of tenants would like a communal garden and would be willing to pay an average of £10 more per month on top of their normal rent while 27% of renters would welcome the idea of a recreational or games room to relax and socialise in.

But a concierge service would garner the least interest, with just 3% prepared to pay an additional £20 while just 4% of renters would spend £12 a month to have storage space specifically for their bike.

Separate research has looked at where in London tenant are most likely to be able to keep a pet in their rented home. Kensington and Chelsea is revealed as having the most pet friendly landlords.

The study from housing agent Fasthomes names Lewisham, Westminster, Lambeth and Wandsworth as the next most pet friendly. In contrast, the five boroughs which are considered the least pet friendly are Redbridge, Barking and Dagenham, Bexley, Sutton, and the City of London.