What to do if you think your home could be affected by RAAC

MyBuilder.com, a platform that matches reliable tradespeople to homeowners, has put together a guide to help homeowners if they have any concerns about RAAC in their property

RAAC is a product that was regularly used between the 1950s and the 1990s, most commonly in public buildings such as schools. However, it is now believed that it was potentially used in residential homes, in particular council housing, as it was cheap and widely available at that time. Many of these homes will now have passed into private ownership.

How to identify if your home may be affected by RAAC

  1. Age of the property. If your home was not built between the 1950s and 1990s, you are unlikely to be affected. However, if it was, it’s possible RAAC is present.
  2. Take a look. If your property was built in that time period, the next step would be to conduct a visual inspection. RAAC was often installed in the form of large “planks”, but it is best to appoint a surveyor to check to ensure correct identification, and because of the risk of other materials being present, such as asbestos.

What to do if RAAC is present

  1. Appoint an engineer. If potential RAAC has been identified in your property, then you must enlist the services of a structural engineer. They will confirm if RAAC is indeed present, including with a lab test.
  2. Preventative intervention. Depending on the severity of the situation, it might be sensible to consider repairing and maintaining the materials, especially in terms of protecting against water damage and cracking.
  3. Check your insurance policy. Before going any further with any remedial action, check if you’re covered. Generally, your buildings insurance should cover this, but each policy is different, so make sure you take a look.
  4. Book remedial work. In the majority of cases where RAAC is identified, it will need to be replaced. Once the full picture has been disclosed, the engineer can advise which tradespeople you will need to complete the work.