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What to Consider When Choosing New Windows and Doors

windows with natural light

Is your home ready for a spruce ahead of the summer months? Have you had enough of tired-looking window frames, that sticky lock on your front door, and the fact that whilst the colour you chose looked great in the catalogue, it’s not what you wanted in reality…?

The experts at Nottingham-based home improvements company, Stormclad may have the guidance you need when choosing new windows and doors for your property.


The first thing to consider is the style of your home – is it modern, or is it more traditional? For instance, an aluminium or uPVC front door will look fantastic on a newly built property with modern features, but may not have quite the same effect on a characterful cottage. For the latter, a design more suited to the period in which the property was built may be more aesthetically pleasing. Many modern home fitters can now replicate older designs so that your home can retain its vintage look, without being old-fashioned – energy efficiency, security and high quality can remain top of your list of ‘must-haves.’


While style is definitely key, some types of doors and windows offer certain features that others do not – you may find you have to weigh up your options depending on your needs and budget.

If you are after a textured front door that is soft on the eye, perhaps a timber wooden door is the way to go. However, you may want a door this is especially robust and durable in harsh weather. Aluminium is best for withstanding all weathers, but perhaps you’re concerned that won’t suit your aesthetic? So, how about a composite door? They’re not as durable as aluminium doors, nor as environmentally friendly as some wooden doors, but they are highly dependable and secure, they have a long lifespan, and are often available in a wide range of colours and finishes, meaning you can be particularly selective with your look – the perfect balance of style and functionality.

Other key features homeowners should consider when choosing doors and windows include energy efficiency, glazing, natural light, adaptability, ventilation, and practicality. Whilst sliding sash windows may be perfect for older homes, tilt-and-turn windows are more versatile, safer for small children and pets, and are more secure against break-ins. Plus, they often add a contemporary feel to a traditional looking home, once again striking that all important balance.

Homeowners should also bear in mind potential building regulations – if a property happens to be listed, building regulations may restrict the home improvements property owners can make.

Colour and customise

Whether you favour bright and bold colours, stylish shades of grey or pastel palettes, the colour of your windows and doors makes a dramatic difference to the overall aesthetic and therefore kerb appeal of your home – if you get it right, you could increase your property’s value by 10%! Some colours and textures will look better on certain windows and doors than others however, and some offer more flexibility than others too.

It is always a good idea to first suss out what’s currently on trend, especially if you are thinking of selling anytime soon.

According to Hunker, black front doors are here to stay for 2022 due to their timelessness and ability to compliment a variety of home styles. A splash of red however is currently popular, too, as not only does a red front door make your home pop, it adds a warm and welcoming tone to the overall look. Soft greens and earthy tones are also very in, for both windows and doors, as green especially signifies nature, calmness and rebirth – things we have all been hankering for post-pandemic.

It is worth noting that uPVC windows and doors come in a wide variety of colours and styles, whilst composite doors tend to offer more opportunities for customisation and more modern designs. Aluminium doors and windows are often available in woodgrain effects, but nothing will quite achieve that textured look than authentic wooden timber frames.

Don’t forget – dual colour windows and doors are always an option, allowing homeowners to play with their property’s external character. Homeowners can also mix and match, though matching windows and doors enhance a property’s kerb appeal more. Some windows and doors will also have accessory options that others may not have, such as types of knockers and letterplates, where letterplates can logistically fit in the door, and handles and hinges too – accessories really can make all the difference.


Finally, we finish with that all-important factor – where is best for homeowners to spend money.

Our first piece of advice would be to do your research and find a quality home improvement company that is going to reliably and affordably deliver what you need in a timely manner. It is then a good idea to suss out payment plans and if there are any available that you can take advantage of, such as flexible monthly payments and ‘buy now, pay later’ schemes.

With regards to doors and windows specifically, uPVC doors and windows are generally the most budget-friendly as they are strong, they have good soundproofing, they are durable and are low-maintenance. However, with regards to lifespan, wearability and strength, it is worth homeowners thinking about investing in a slightly more expensive set of windows and doors, such as composite doors and aluminium windows, because they are guaranteed to last longer.

The more time homeowners spend searching around for what is going to be the perfect match for their home, the more likely they will get the best value out of their property whilst ticking those all-important boxes of style and practicality.