ZeroWatt Homes signs MOU to provide £500m of Shariah-compliant funding for modular social housing in the UK

Funding for Housing, a not-for-profit social housing funding platform, has signed an MOU with ZeroWatt Homes International Ltd , a privately controlled modular house builder and an innovative provider of green, energy efficient, offsite manufacturing social housing. The aim of this collaboration is to supply a range of specifically designed low-cost homes for the UK social housing rental sector.

The notes aim to raise funds through a Shariah-Compliant issuance with an initial tranche of £500m. The issue is government-backed by the rent support mechanism and CPI-linked. There are plans to upsize the issuance to £1bn within 12 months via two further tranches, subject to investor demand.

The aim of the MOU will be to provide off-balance sheet funding for local authorities – particularly in London – to assist them with social housing development. The UK is currently facing an acute social housing problem, due to a large number of local authorities lacking sufficient funding to meet their building requirements, and this issue is most prominent in the capital.

The MOU will help solve this problem by using 80% of the bond proceeds to construct new social housing stock. The designs for the social housing will be provided by ZWH and mark a first in providing new homes that will be both NdSS & meet projected Future Homes Standards and be virtually energy self-sufficient at a time of soaring energy costs for domestic homes.

The issue will provide up to 30-Year amortising bonds at a rate of benchmark + 200-300bps + UK CPI (capped to 5% per annum), with semi-annual distributions after year 1.

The issuer is supported by Al Waseelah PLC, an award-winning Sukuk issuance programme and Yasaar Limited, one of the world’s leading and oldest Shariah compliance and consultancy service. The issuer is already established and has confirmation of Article 9 status under the EU Taxonomy, putting ESG principles at the heart of its work.

Scott Levy, Founder of Al Waseelah said: “Fixing the social housing crisis requires immediate action from experts who know how to deliver the homes people need. We are very encouraged by our MOU and believe that with the incoming funds, we will be able to provide energy self-sufficient homes at a time when the general public most need it.

Speaking about this launch Majid Dawood, CEO of Yassar Limited said: “Several financial groups have sought to provide alternative funding to fix the issue of social housing in the UK, yet none have managed to combine the capital provision with a supplier of rapidly-deployed OSM homes designed specifically for the social sector.”

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