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11 Istanbul neighbourhoods that can bring investors the biggest profit

Foreigners who want to invest in Istanbul property often do not know which part of the city to choose: Eastern or Western. The latter is more popular among tourists and gets noticeably busier at the peak of the season. The former distinctly preserves its Asian character and is closer to nature. In this article, you will find recommendations on the most welcoming neighborhoods of the city where you can purchase high-quality real estate.

The Best Neighbourhoods of the European Part of Istanbul

The priciest neighbourhood of the European part of the city is Besiktas. It is extremely popular among well-off tourists and locals, so investing in a property here would be an obvious choice. However, in other areas, you might get almost the same value for less money. Some investors deliberately want to stay away from Besiktas precisely to avoid the tourist crowds — below, there is a list of worthy alternatives.


The unique appeal of this neighbourhood consists in the fact that it has a picturesque shoreline. But at the same time, it is not a purely tourist area. Here, you will get access to developed infrastructure both for daytime and nighttime activities. Bakirkoy is good for family life, having fun and going shopping. However, the prices here are almost as high as in Besiktas.


If you settle down here, you will have no reasons to miss the Western lifestyle. Local entertainment, educational and healthcare facilities comply with the same quality standards as their European counterparts. Good ecology, nice views and cozy suburban vibes attract investors from all over the world to Beylikduzu. A lot of high-value investment projects are currently going on in this area, connected with improving the transport infrastructure and building new properties.


Those who visited Istanbul 15 or more years ago sometimes fail to believe that Esenyurt has turned into a classy neighborhood. Those who bought property here a while ago managed to resell it at a much higher price — or refurbished it and started to rent it out. Today, this area is flourishing. It has all the necessary infrastructure, from shopping malls to a university. And most likely, it will keep evolving in the next few years too.


This area is popular among middle-class residents. Even though the local infrastructure is imperfect, they can easily get to the center of the city on public transport. If your current budget is limited, you can purchase a property at an early construction stage here now, resell it at a profit later and buy a house or apartment in a more upscale neighbourhood. Many experienced investors pin their hopes on Kagithane because it is situated next to the bridge that connects both parts of the city. Large transportation projects are going on in the area right now, which should increase the price of local properties in the next few years.


This one has also undergone considerable modernisation. It will not take you long to get to the center from here, using either your own car or public transport. Investors love Kucukcekmece for its stable rental return and good potential for further growth.

The Most Attractive Neighborhoods of the Asian Part

This part of the city becomes a wonderful escape for those who are tired of the hustle and bustle of the metropolitan areas of the Western countries. However, you should not imagine it as the direct opposite of the other half. The neighbourhood with the lowest real estate prices, Esenyurt, is located in the European part of the city and not the Asian one. It is true that the latter lacks European-style infrastructure. Yet investors can make good money here if they know which neighbourhood to put their money into.


This neighbourhood has recently turned into the main financial hub of Istanbul. Here, you can purchase not only stunning apartments but also commercial premises of any size.


If you are looking for the most modern apartments in the Asian part of Istanbul, you will find them here. Kadikoy offers to foreigners a delightful mix of modern developments and traditional culture. It is situated close to the European half and it is well connected with the center thanks to a reliable transport system.


The most coveted apartments here are the ones that overlook the majestic Bosphorus. Uskudar is popular among investors who buy property to rent it out to holiday-makers.


This one is also located on the shore of the Bosphorus bay. It is a green area with lots of trees and plants. However, the authorities did not have to sacrifice the transport system for the sake of green areas. You will be able to reach other parts of the city very easily.


This calm neighbourhood is perfect for family life. It has plenty of shopping malls, entertainment and social establishments. You will not necessarily need to buy a car to move around because the public transport is punctual, comfortable and affordable. Plus, you will be able to reach the shoreline on foot.


This neighbourhood is located close to a forest. Maybe, you will be able to see it from your window — and of course, you will enjoy hiking there. At the same time, it will not take you too long to reach the shoreline on transport. Besides, from here you can take the road that leads to the Marmara coast with its upscale resorts.


Istanbul offers to investors amazing properties of any price segment. When choosing one, pay attention to the urban transformation plans of the local authorities. They have been investing large funds in the modernisation of certain parts of the city. If you invest in an area that is to be upgraded soon, you might be able to make an impressive profit. If you opt for another area, you will be able to rent out or resell your housing anyway — the demand for property in Istanbul remains stable all year round. And of course, you will enjoy living here yourself.