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5 Things to Consider When Comparing Moving Company Quotes

Chances are, you already know that the cheapest quote for anything isn’t necessarily the best one. On the flipside, the most expensive one isn’t necessarily the best. That doesn’t mean that either option should be dismissed out of hand, especially when you’re moving house – an expensive life event that requires you to think on your feet to make the best choices. There’s no shortcut. To make the best decision, you need to think things through carefully. Use these tips to help you evaluate moving company quotes.

1. What Protections are in Place?

While we all hope that our household goods will arrive at the other end as good as new, or at least as good as they were when loaded onto the truck, accidents do happen. Carefully check what the moving professional is willing to do if your valuable goods get damaged in transit. How long do you have to report damages? What will the moving company do for you if you pick up breakages?

2. Do They Specialize in Moving Certain Delicate Valuables?

If you have valuable artworks, antiques, or expensive electronics, you’ll want to focus your attention on your moving company’s approach to handling them. It’s not just a matter of insurance in case there are damages. What you want to know is what their track record is when handling things you might consider irreplaceable. To discover this, look at the areas in which they claim to excel as well as how other customers experienced their service. The occasional unhappy customer is to be expected, but if you repeatedly see people complaining about damage to their most valued items, it’s time to look elsewhere.

3. If They Pack for You, What’s Their Experience?

It’s an understandably popular trend. Instead of packing everything up yourself, just pack your personal effects and leave the rest up to the movers. This can be a great service if done well, but before you let the labor loose on your household contents, you might want to find out just how experienced they are. Ask questions about their approach to packing as well as whether the people helping you have any training and experience. Once again, finding out what other customers’ experiences were like will help you to make the judgment call.

4. What’s Their Reputation for Good Communication?

Before you move, during transit, and after arrival, you may need to get in touch with the moving company for reasons too numerous to list. Are they good at keeping customers in the loop? Can you get in touch with the driver if you have concerns? Will you be able to track the progress of your shipment? These are all things that will matter to you when your move is in progress. You’ll also want to know that after-sales service is good. You can already gain an impression of how good a moving company is at communication when you first start making enquiries, but do make sure they will keep up the good work after you’ve committed to the deal.

5. After All This, It’s Time to Look at Pricing

Set up a scorecard listing the things that would matter most to you when moving house. If you end up with a dead-heat between several companies, it’s time to look at pricing. If pricing was top of your list, think about how you can mitigate any elements you’re concerned may be lacking in your moving company. Make the call, and get moving!