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Find a flexible commercial space for a one-time event in London

Investing in a commercial space allows you to optimize the profitability of your professional activity. These spaces also offer the possibility to organize a temporary event to raise the profile of your business. Companies can afford a flexible commercial space in London to develop their business. Here is an overview of these stores and galleries!

A commercial space to sell

In Soho, London, it is possible to find a business space for sale. These spaces, commonly referred to as boutiques or shops, are generally 560 square feet in size. Their location offers the tenant company a strategic trading point. Indeed, you will benefit from a bright commercial area.

Suitable for launching your physical store in the city, these locations feature glass fronts that allow daylight to seep in. The Soho commercial space also has optimal lighting to unveil your products even at night. By opting for this type of commercial space, your business has the perfect backdrop to catch the attention of passersby.

Renting a store in the heart of London allows :

  • sell at retail,
  • have a diversified clientele,
  • sell on a commercial axis,
  • take advantage of busy street intersections,
  • be located at a strategic geographical point, etc.

Also the presence of other stores in the shopping area is an asset for your business. In this respect, customers in the vicinity of other stores can also visit your store to observe and even buy.

An ephemeral event room

In a 304 square foot business space, you have the opportunity to hold a ceremony. In reality, these ephemeral event rooms are designed to house activities of all kinds. Since most are built on a building, the tenant is free to rent the entire room. Failing that, when you can’t afford it, a partial lease is an option to acquire a portion of the store.

Builders have set up this type of space as an art gallery, but it can also be used for retail sales. In general, many businesses opt to rent a showroom to host an art event. As such, choose a first floor setting immersed in a bright décor.

Thus, these spaces are perfect for one-time events like a product launch. In fact, they offer a sleek decoration with bright white walls and light. Also, the room has a set of technical facilities that are state-of-the-art. Furthermore, the lessors of these premises are open to negotiation on prices.

A showroom or gallery

To enhance the visibility of your business, opt for a showroom or gallery. Some of these commercial spaces in London are as large as 3,120 square feet. Generally, these boutique or shop type settings are located on the first floor in order to enhance the visibility of your sign. Also, they are located in a commercial area filled with private clubs, restaurants…

By carefully choosing the location of your physical store, you may come across a space that offers a flexible layout. This type of showroom or gallery allows the tenant to configure the interior to host the event of their choice (art, fashion or food, etc.).

A large event space

If you need a large event space, then you can choose 6,000 square feet of commercial area. This is a room designed as a warehouse to store products, but it can host an exhibition or art event.

Thus, you can organize as explained on this site, your event in the main gallery of this large event space. Generally accessible from the street on the first floor, this setting can accommodate large-scale trade shows. It has two rooms, including a main space and a studio that can be used as storage space.