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How to be on a permanent holiday

Often when life gets us down or if we just feel like a change of scenery, we jump to book a holiday. Somewhere sunny, somewhere peaceful that’ll give you something to look forward to.

But what if it felt like you were on a holiday 24/7? Perhaps it’s time to think about moving somewhere heavenly. Open up your mind to breathtaking views and endless enjoyment with your next home in the Mediterranean.

Searching for a property that ticks all of your boxes can be very difficult. Living in a Spanish golf course resort may seem like a niche suggestion but it could be exactly what you need. Infinitum offers exciting new homes just one hour from Barcelona in Costa Dorada for those who desire a life that is wealthy with joyful experience. Get involved in the rich culture of the region and enjoy an extensive range of activities, shopping and delicious cuisine. You could spend the day in the gym facilities, relax in the infinity pool, or indulge yourself in one of the restaurants. You might even discover the private beach access. No matter how you choose to spend your days, feel satisfied knowing that when the day draws to a close, you have a beautiful apartment to return to.

Not only are the apartments a pleasure to live in, but Infinitum is BREEAM sustainability certified. This means that the construction of Infinitum homes is executed with a more sustainable practice with an awareness and care for nature and wildlife that already lives in the area. The electricity for the residential estate is supplied using renewable energy, saving 92.31% of emissions in total. Furthermore, measures are in place to control erosion with the use of sustainable water treatment. In an age in which we have to be as environmentally conscious as possible, this is extremely significant and something that we should all want from our homes.

If nature is appealing to you then you’ll be sure to adore the properties available in Catalonia. Described by Infinitum as “full of natural light and surrounded by nature”, you’ll feel grounded and at peace with your personal escape from the busyness of life. Take your time to peruse the site and find your perfect level of zen. Now imagine living that dream every single day.

The range of on demand services makes it much easier to free up your time and your mind to the true joys of life. This includes but is not limited to: laundry, home security, catering and kids club. Don’t let yourself get weighed down by chores and worries when you can focus on feeding into your happiness. These are services that are designed to elevate your experience and increase your quality of life.

If this idea intrigues you, book a tour via or alternatively, take a virtual tour using the Infinitum app. You deserve nothing less than true fulfillment from your abode.

After all, a home is not just for existing within. A home is for living in.