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How to Have a Seamless House Sale: The Ultimate Guide

There’s no point beating around the bush – selling a house can be incredibly stressful. For homeowners who decide it’s time to sell up and move on, getting their property in tip-top shape is at the top of the list before it goes on the market. If the wrong actions are taken, the sale process can be very lengthy and be more trouble than it’s worth. For everything to run smoothly, here is a thorough guide on how to have a seamless house sale.

Pick a Reputable Real Estate Agent

The first step homeowners must take for a seamless house sale is to find a reputable estate agent in their area. An estate agent is responsible for everything associated with a property sale. They are the ones who show visitors around the home, deal with inquiries and ensure everything stays on track. Another key part of an estate agent’s role is to manage negotiations and act as the go-between for the owner of the property and potential buyers.

Finding the right estate agent is easier said than done. However, there are some tips that can be a big help. Firstly, homeowners should ask for recommendations from family and friends. There’s every possibility a loved one has been in the same shoes previously. Next, look at credentials on the estate agent’s website. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and take the time to compare several providers.

Keep On Top of Documents

There is a whole load of paperwork and documents that go into a house sale. From proof of identity to property title deeds, energy performance certificates to mortgage details, homeowners must be organised from the get-go to ensure nothing important is missing. There are certain documents that may be sent from the estate agent that must be signed. If this document is in a PDF format, there are tools that can convert PDFs to word documents which can be edited.

Understandably, the amount of paperwork involved in selling a house can quickly become overwhelming. To stay in control, the estate agent can help establish what documents are necessary for selling and moving. It’s best to get paperwork sorted sooner rather than later, otherwise, problems can arise.

Get a Valuation

When navigating through a house sale, a huge part of the process is getting a valuation. It’s essential homeowners have an accurate idea of how much their home is worth before putting it up for sale. When seeking a valuation, it’s wise to ask several estate agents to visit the property. This provides a better sense of how much the house will sell for. Valuations may differ from agent to agent, and in some cases, the price could be much higher. If this happens, it’s advised to focus on a figure in the middle.

Certain websites can give a valuation based on the location and size of the property. However, this figure may not be as accurate when compared to local estate agent valuations. It must be noted that a valuation isn’t a guaranteed price. A property will only sell for a figure that the buyer believes is acceptable.

Pick the Right Time to Sell

When putting a property on the market, the time of year this is done can make a huge difference in how long the process takes. Of course, selling a house during the Christmas period isn’t the best step to take. This is because people are more focused on purchasing presents than moving into a new home.

Many people say the best time of year to sell is in spring. This is likely because people are not away for the summer holidays. Homebuyers are more prepared to view properties when the weather is mild, so it’s wise to avoid going through the sales process during the autumn and winter months. Because more buyers are looking during the spring, this has an impact on prices too, meaning there’s a chance homebuyers can get more for their property. Make sure to speak to an estate agent in relation to when to sell, as they are the experts.

Remove Clutter

After finding a trustworthy estate agent, getting the property valued, and picking the right time to sell, homebuyers should focus on getting their properties in tip-top condition before viewings commence. To speed up a house sale, taking care of the interior and exterior of it will pay off. Homebuyers will be put off if they pull up to a house to find it’s not in good nick.

The best place to begin is by removing as much clutter as possible. All homeowners are guilty of collecting junk over the years. While some may be sentimental, there are definitely bits and pieces that can go in the bin. Too much clutter can not only be a health and safety hazard but make a property look incredibly cramped and unsightly.

Undertake Home Improvement Projects

In addition to getting rid of clutter, homeowners should consider undertaking home improvement projects. This can hike up the asking price and get more buyers interested in taking the property. Some of the most popular home improvement projects include a kitchen refurbishment, adding a bathroom, and a loft conversion.

Any home improvement project should be thoroughly planned out in advance. Some homeowners may have the knowledge and expertise to do the job alone, whereas others may need to call in the professionals. There needs to be a budget in place which outlines all costs of the project from start to finish too.

Pay Attention to the Garden

The garden is one of the key areas of a home that buyers are interested in most. With summer on the horizon, many buyers will want to envisage themselves enjoying the great outdoors. The best thing homeowners can do now is make upgrades to their garden. Whether this involves planting new flowers, tending to the lawn, cutting trees, or adding patio or decking, exterior home improvements will drive up the asking price and speed up the sale.

The kerb appeal of a property matters too. First impressions count, so when a homebuyer pulls up outside, they’ll need to be wowed from the offset. To do this, there are certain tasks homeowners can undertake. These include painting the front door, washing the windows, and adding hanging baskets in the porch.

Keep Stress Levels at Bay

There will inevitably be a level of stress and anxiety attached to moving house. With so much to sort out before and during a house sale, getting a handle on stress is vital for staying positive and seeing everything through to the end.

Some of the best things homeowners can do to keep stress levels at bay include practicing deep breathing techniques, keeping an open dialogue with their estate agent, and being optimistic about the house sale.

Millions of homeowners up and down the country move property every year. For those who are about to do this themselves, certain tactics must be taken to keep everything running along nicely. From collaborating with a trustworthy real estate agent to knowing the best time to sell, moving house doesn’t have to be a stressful experience.

Remaining upbeat and following the advice above can make the sale process more bearable, speed things up, and ensure no problems occur along the way.