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The most realistic ways of passive earnings in 2022

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The number of types of passive earnings is constantly growing. Thanks to the opportunities emerging in the 21st century and the formation of new trends in the world, you can choose the type of earnings that will suit you individually. What are the pros and cons of passive earnings and what are they in general? We’ll figure it out together.

Rent out what you have

No matter how corny it may sound, renting out real estate or things is a great way to earn passive income and the first item on our list. If you have a second property – a house or an apartment, you can easily earn steadily on it. The disadvantages are minimal and low-probability, for example, damage to real estate. However, even this can be solved if you have time to deal with the tenants

If you have a second car or you don’t use your only one, you can start renting it out, because it’s not for nothing that the good will disappear. You will earn money, and people who do not have a car will move comfortably thanks to you. In order to earn in this way, you need to contact special car rental services, something like Renty. Such hiring services provide a wide range of cars for rent, because whatever car you have, everything will definitely work out.


Everyone has definitely heard about cryptocurrency. However, to understand this topic is long and tedious. Most of all cryptocurrencies are now invested only in bitcoin, but there are many other types of currency available. Most likely, this will not become any payment method, and there are no fundamental reasons for the growth of the cryptocurrency. But nevertheless, it is a tool on which you can earn short-term price movement. Experts in the field note the following scheme of earning on cryptocurrency: we enter a predetermined amount of money, for example, $400. We do not increase the amount. When the amount becomes $600, we withdraw what we managed to earn, that is, $200, leaving the original 400. When the deposit amount has become 600 again, we withdraw again what we earned. So, it turns out that you are getting back the amount you invested. And then we can keep the crypt or withdraw all the money.


This option is suitable for those who are experts in some field. Suppose you are an English teacher. Thanks to the producers, you can create your own course or even form a school to teach people the language and be useful. At first, you will have to spend money on producing, but with competent work and professional strategy, you will quickly begin to receive passive income from your information product. Remember, if you have knowledge, you can already be useful!

Social Media communities

Social networks are a solid space for earning money! There are two ways here. More expensive, but fast and less expensive, but slow. You can lead a community yourself, develop from scratch, buy advertising and grow an audience. And you can buy out the community you like. After the purchase and full development, you start selling ads through automated systems (for example, Instant Articles for Facebook) and exchanges of these social networks, as well as directly, plus you can pour traffic to the site and earn from it already. If something goes wrong, the public can always be sold since users remain in your public.

Equity participation in business

For this type of passive earnings, you need a good start-up capital. You invest part of your funds in a business and receive part of the profit, while operational management is carried out by your partner. The risks in such a scheme are huge, but it is still important to keep such a scheme in mind, you not only receive funds, but also develop someone’s business, support it.


Thus, we have collected 5 types of passive earnings for you. As you can see, in order to earn passively, it is not necessary to have start-up capital, sometimes you can use what you already have. Well, if capital is still needed, then you can find an option where the costs will be acceptable for any wallet. Earn for fun!