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The New Rules on Log Wood Burning Stoves

There has been a lot of coverage in the news regarding log wood burners. Some of the news and speculation has been a little bit away from the actual truth. This article is informing you about all the key information. With over one million homes with woodburners, it’s important to know the truth on the new regulations. So, if you own a wood burner or are thinking about buying one, read on and get all the information you need.

What are the key details?

The UK government has revealed restrictions on wood burner stoves and outside fires. The aim for these new regulations is to fight and reduce air pollution across the UK.

Wood burner stoves are extremely popular, and the sales are continuing. These fires are commonly seen in houses and cottages in the countryside. However, more properties in cities and towns are increasingly purchasing and installing these stoves. This has caused a concern for the government as their research shows that burning wood and coal accounts for nearly 40% of particulate matter air pollution. The findings from the research have forced the government to put a plan in place to reduce this to 30% in 10 years. Experts say that this is the most damaging pollutant.

From all these findings, the Clean Air Strategy was created. The main aim is to stop the sale of stoves that are high populating by 2022. The Clean Air Strategy is also forcing people to only buy clean stoves, such as the SIA EcoDesign stoves. 

A range of media outlets have reported that stoves will be banned altogether. This is false. The ban is on the sale of high populating stoves by 2022. Most stove retailers have stopped selling high populating stoves. 

So, do I have to replace my current wood burner?

This isn’t the case. You can continue to keep using your wood burner but you will have to burn the right types of fuels. The recommendation is to burn wood that has a moisture content of 20% or less. Coal and wet wood are two of dirtiest fuels available and will be phased out. Using the wrong type of fuel can make the stove glass very dirty and covered in black soot. Making it hard to see the flames in the wood burner.

It’s recommended to purchase your wood from a trustworthy fuel supplier. Another way is to use your own wood but you will need to have dried wood that is 20% or lower in moisture content. You can purchase a moisture meter that indicates if the wood is okay to burn. 

How do I buy a log wood burner?

After reading the real facts from this article, you may want to buy a log wood burner for your home. So, what do you need to do? 

When researching stoves, make sure the product has the SIA approved logo. Most retailers will only sell the new cleaner systems, but it’s good to double check. It’s good to know that you are purchasing the right product. Once purchased, it is recommended to get a qualified stove installer. Your retailer may offer this service.