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Top 5 Home Projects That Are DIY but a Handyman Is Used

Decorating, maintaining, updating… tackling do-it-yourself projects can be an exciting way to flex creative muscles and make a big impact on the value of a home.

DIY projects can also paint a stressful picture for those who aren’t yet prepared to make the big changes needed for certain home projects. Let’s take a look at the top 5 home projects that are DIY but a handyman could come in well…handy.

1.  Painting

Fresh paint on a home not only adds an aesthetic element, but a good exterior painting also helps add protection to the home. Fresh paint keeps weather damage, dust, and insects at bay. For wood exteriors, an updated paint layer can help protect the wood from rotting.

Updating the paint on the inside of your home also requires a significant level of commitment. By hiring a handyman you’ll be able to avoid having to purchase specialized equipment and your home will likely be back to normal with a fresh coat of paint in half the time.

2.  Bathroom Remodel

Bathroom remodels are notoriously helpful for raising the value of a home. While it does depend on the updates made, even a midrange remodel can add a 53% return on cost.

To that end, hiring a professional handyman to help complete some of the work will help bring quality to the project, as well as peace of mind that the improvements like lighting and plumbing will be completed properly.

3.  Gutter Cleaning

One of the top home maintenance projects as fall approaches? Gutter maintenance. Maintaining and cleaning gutters as the seasons begin to change is important for preventing damage to a home’s gutter system.

As fall starts to roll in, leaves and debris tend to build up. Clogged gutters lead to potential water overflow and damage to the home. Small levels of debris are easily cleared via DIY methods. However, if a gutter system has too much debris causing the system to fail, calling in professional assistance is a good idea to help prevent any lasting damage to the home.

4.  Fixing the Roof

An adjacent DIY project to gutter cleaning would be fixing the home’s roof. Storms and inclement weather inevitably lead to things like missing shingles and a potentially leaky roof.

Repairing such damages might seem tempting for homeowners but fixing a leaky roof without the help of a handyman could result in physical harm or injury. This is one home improvement project that a professional handyman is best equipped to handle.

5.  Electrical Work

A final project that some might feel inclined to complete on their own are any electrical installations or repairs. Electrical shock is a hazardous byproduct of home improvement projects in this area. No amount of DIY videos can substitute for professional training.

While plenty of home improvement videos and online tutorial exist, this is one DIY project that is best left to professionals.

Do It Yourself…With Professional Help

From easy-to-fix paint swatches to more complex roofing repairs, DIY projects run the gamut of improvement possibilities.

For those that are unsure of their skill level, hiring a professional will help mitigate any risks associated with doing it yourself.