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What to Do if You’re Struggling to Sell Your Property

Selling your home

When it comes to selling your home, there are lots of different factors to contend with. Getting your property valued at a price you’re happy with, the delays of getting caught up in property chains with other buyers, and sales falling through at the last minute – are just a few of the tedious elements which you may encounter when putting your house on the market.

In this article, we share some top tips on a variety of things you can do to help speed up the process, if you’re currently struggling to sell your property.

Freshen up the exterior

Remember, first impressions count! As the outside of your property is the first thing that potential buyers are greeted with, it’s important to give this just as much TLC as the inside of our homes. Rendering can add significant value to your home while completely modernising it. Repainting your front door, or getting your driveway neatly paved can also help to freshen up the outside of your home.

Revamp Key Rooms

When working to a budget be sure to select the most key rooms to update. Think about the kitchen, diner, main bathroom, and master bedroom and decide which of these rooms you’d like to focus on. Consider if you can create an open plan kitchen/diner by knocking through walls which are restricting space. It’s also worth bearing in mind that sticking to light, neutral tones is advisable as this usually appeals to all tastes, as opposed to bright eclectic décor which could be polarising for some potential buyers.

Take Professional Photos

Hiring an experienced property photographer can be make or break to the successful advertising of your property. It’s vital that your photos really highlight your home in a positive way, making rooms look as light and spacious as possible.

Part Exchange Your Property

If you dream of moving into gorgeous new build without the countless stress factors that selling your home brings, you could opt for a part exchange scheme. This is where a specialised property builder can effectively buy your home, allowing you to secure your chosen new build, without missing out. The scheme allows you to stay within your current property until your new home is completed. There are countless benefits which make this option so appealing to homeowners. You won’t get caught up in long property chains that could delay your move. You save a significant amount of money in agency fees, and you can guarantee you won’t be let down by any last minute changes, causing the sale on your dream home to fall through. With a home exchange deal you can rest easy knowing that your chosen home is secured, right up until it’s ready for you to move in.