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Predictions for 2020 Office Design Trends


In recent years, offices and workspace design has had a substantially heavy focus on the employee; with spaces used to promote staff wellbeing and productivity throughout the workforce. Whilst the focus remains on boosting this employee wellbeing and productivity, recent developments in office design appear to cater to this.

Offices are now evolving to accommodate not only to the latest fashion trends, but also the latest on-trend employee benefits; the sector working to help promote work productivity through enhancing user experience. Be it more areas for down-time, standing desks or open office environments, whatever the latest benefit may be, the overarching trend in office design remains, for now, the same – employee wellbeing.

With this innovative focus shifting away from sheer practicality and towards personal preference, it’s exciting to think of what unique designs lie ahead for the new decade, and how this could disrupt office design for good.

Sustainable Office Design

With climate change becoming an increasingly pressing issue in recent years, incorporating a sustainable office design can help to promote a business’s relationship with its natural surrounding environment, and subsequently enhance a respectful and collaborative attitude to the space.

Julian Wogman from office agents Pilcher London commented: “We have had more people ask us about sustainable offices. People are now more conscious about the office space that they work in and they have requested things like energy saving lightbulbs, kitchens with recycling facilities and plastic free cutlery.”

With sustainability and green living being popular amongst many, promoting a sustainable office design can also help to promote employee wellbeing; with many staff feeling their views on sustainability align and are respected by their employers.

As concerns over climate change are only set to rise throughout 2020 and beyond, sustainability may well become a popular feature of office design throughout this new decade.

Nature in the Office

Following on from incorporating sustainability throughout the office, by also including various different plants and natural features, a workspace can help to promote employee wellbeing and furthermore productivity. It is known that plants can have a positive impact on those around them, making a space more aesthetically pleasing whilst promoting oxygen levels throughout it.

Insurance startup, yulife, recently added a photo on their social media showcasing the volume of plants in their office, designed to have a positive impact on mental health and wellbeing.


By introducing natural features such as plants into an office space, this helps to project the business’s care for the environment not only out of the office, but also inside it. This can help to make employees feel valued and cared for, subsequently leading to job satisfaction, which can enhance work productivity.

Additionally, ensuring that there is a sufficient amount of natural light can also help to improve the employees’ aesthetic environment. Natural light is also known to make people feel more awake, and can thereby boost productivity when plentiful in a space.


Whilst these more nature-centric features are not the only design trends that may rise in the next decade, whilst the people try to reconnect with the natural world and fight against climate change, they may be two significantly important and potentially defining features for businesses to incorporate into their workspaces.