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The Benefits of Using a House Buying Company During Lockdown

Spring/ early summer are the favourite seasons for selling houses.

This year, many families who have spent endless lockdown weeks in their home, have realised its shortcomings and have decided to move. House owners have been spurred on by the Chancellor’s extension of the Stamp Duty Holiday until 30 September 2021.

If you are tempted to move, but can’t bear the hassle of a traditional sale house buying companies may the perfect alternative for you.

The new house buyers’ essential requirements

The wish list for potential buyers has changed quite dramatically over the past 12 months. With working from home becoming the ‘new normal’  home owners can now move out of town into more rural areas.

Home offices have become a top priority or at least a garage that can be easily converted or a space in the garden to build one! Gardens and outdoor spaces have also become more important than ever- especially those with vegetable patches and al fresco dining areas.

Now is the time to sell!

House prices fluctuate throughout the year, depending on supply and demand. Traditionally, the best prices have always been achieved at the beginning of the season when there is the greatest demand, as people want to move in the summer.

This year, there is even more demand because Chancellor Rishi Sunak’s tax break means great savings for home buyers. A saving of £5,000 can be made on a property costing £300,000 and a whopping £15,000 on a property of £500,000. To take advantage of the Stamp Duty Holiday the purchase of a new property must be completed by 30 September 2021.

House selling in COVID times

The procedure for buying a property in England is not without its problems! It is possible for potential buyers to pull out of a deal right up until they sign the contract. This can be both frustrating and a complete waste of everyone’s time. Sadly this is a frequent occurrence. Getting the right price for your property can be tricky. It is true that you can put your house on the market asking top price if it is in immaculate condition throughout – but there is no guarantee that you will secure an offer for that amount of money.

Having your house on the market is always a stressful business, but during these uncertain COVID-19 times there is the added worry of having strangers in your home and protecting yourself and your family.  Social distancing requirements are difficult to meet and just as house sellers do not feel comfortable letting strangers into their homes, house buyers feel equally uncomfortable visiting other people’s homes. The pandemic has also meant that mortgage lenders are dealing with a backlog and solicitors and removal companies are facing new challenges, so to take advantage of both the buoyant house market and Stamp Duty Holiday, you need to move fast!

What is the advantage of a house buying company?

A reputable house buying company  can make selling your house easy, effortless and quick – wherever you are in the UK.

You will be offered a good cash price for your home which is based on how your property is right now – you will not have to rush around with paint and tools trying to prepare it to go on the market.

The price offered is 85- 90% of your home’s market value and there are no hidden costs.  You will be given a date for completion, which is usually just 7-14 days later, but can be adjusted to suit your moving plans.

Just think of the hours you will save not having people walking around your house – with the added bonus that there is no infection risk for you and your family and you can all look forward to a lovely ‘staycation’ in your new home!