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The Technology Behind Online Casinos

Photo by Kendall Hoopes from Pexels

As the demands of users have increased over recent years, so has the technology behind online casinos. People that use online casinos such as FortuneJack now want bigger graphics, more exciting games and better prizes and the online casino providers have had to keep up with this. Even the facility to take payments via Bitcoin which is something that FortuneJack offers has had to be developed and this all requires advanced technology to make it happen.

Online Casino Software

For the end-user there are three types of software to choose from:

  • Downloadable software which is installed onto your device and needs to be installed and set up before the user can play
  • No download software which allows the user to log in and play instantly without the need to install any software
  • Mobile casino software which as the name suggests allows people to play on their phone or mobile device using an app.

These all work differently and as such have different technology behind them. However, one thing that is the same across the board for all casino technology is how they are developed to be fair. Random Number Generators within the casino software are regulated by relevant gaming industries.

They are designed to ensure that the game is fair for both parties (the user and the casino) and that there is no bias towards anyone player compared to another.

Online Casino Technology

In order to develop both an online casino and the games that you can play via this, several teams will be involved and the process will go through several development stages. Lots of online casino websites will be developed using a code called C++ and will require a team of people with lots of experience and qualification in this area – as it is so complex to develop and create. Over recent years the need for online casino games to be played online has also been through into the mix – and this has meant that many have had to improve their skills in mark-up language HTML5 too!

Online Payment Facilities

Of course, in order to run a successful online casino the casino needs to be able to take payments and pay out winnings quickly and efficiently. Users definitely want a smooth experience when it comes to making and receiving payments. Thankfully lots of merchants offer support for this type of commerce, so taking payments via Visa card or PayPal is generally easy for the casino to offer.

However, the technology behind the scenes to make all of this happen will have taken many hours of development and will continue to develop to ensure it is safe and secure at all times.

As an end-user, you probably don’t appreciate the effort that goes into making sure that you can play fast-paced, high-quality games. However, game developers such as NetEnt and Microgaming are constantly working on new and improved games, making sure that advances in technology are implemented into games as soon as possible to keep gaming interesting for all of those involved.