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What We Want To See From The Next Great Property App

Property App

It’s fair to say that technology is going to have an even bigger say when it comes to buying a home from hereon in. Virtual viewings have become a major part of how we invest in property over the last 12 months, while even finding a home or room to rent has benefited from the arrival of apps down the years.

Therefore the trajectory of their usefulness is only going to increase and 2021 could see a major shift in how people use them. We expect plenty more apps to launch over the next year. In fact, Rezigo has already revealed their intentions to launch an app that aims to be a one-stop-shop for buying and selling property.

As apps continue to become the next big thing in the property market, we decided to take a look at the key things we’d expect to see within them for them to be the hit we expect them to be…

Help & Advice

First things first, we expect to see help for customers. Ultimately, the purpose of any app, no matter what the industry is to make life easier. It should give you all the information you need from the palm of your hand, and the same applies when it comes to property.

For apps hitting the property market we’d expect to see guidance on each step that needs to take place, from advice on selling and preparing for viewings right through the process to redirecting post and more.

A good way to do this is through in-depth help sections, or FAQ sections in which you can browse a range of questions to discover the answers you require.

Virtual Viewings

For those apps which are homesellers, then virtual viewings are going to be key. We’re naturally used to images and floor plans supplying us with the key information, but video content is growing to be a vital factor. Around a third of properties for sale now feature video tours online, and that figure is only going to grow.

It’s a particularly useful tool to have given that people are leaving cities to work remotely in towns and cities far from their current location. It gives people a more in-depth taste of a property before either putting a bid in or deciding to commit to a full in-person viewing.

Direct Contact with Experts

Online it’s relatively simple to use the chat function to speak to a member of a team, and that should equally be the case through apps. Most of us go mobile-first when it comes to browsing online, and that’s also the case when it comes to the property industry.

Content needs to be digestible and mobile optimised, but it also needs the ability to be able to get further information quickly by contacting experts through chat functions or even click to call buttons. Naturally, this is only relevant within office hours, but is a must with any app looking to buy or sell property.