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Where is the best place to rent an apartment for students in London

On the list of most stressful things in life, renting takes a very high position. Judging by the tenants’ disturbing experiences and bizarre stories about weird landlords and poor rental conditions, it’s not only perfectly understandable but also completely justified. Furthermore, it seems that, when it comes to property renting, all renters have the same issues everywhere on the globe. Unfortunately, London is not an exception and could easily serve as an example of the most usual problems with renting in big cities. Students, being young, inexperienced, and often financially dependable are a particularly sensitive group of renters.

Renting issues and assessment

The most problematic issues facing London tenants, or any tenant worldwide, are deposit recovery, health concerns, security, cotenants, and landlords. When assessing the apartment, renters should always address these several important points before contract signing. It makes the whole property hunting operation much simpler and easier.

Although the UK law requires placing deposits in a Government-approved protection scheme, very often landlords and letting agents simply overlook this rule and never hand back the deposit to the tenant. Finding information about renting, understanding, and respecting duties and obligations can make both renters and landlords more responsible and liable. The matter of health conditions is self-explanatory, but let’s just say that many London tenants had to move because of mold, rats, and insect infestation. Renters’ safety doesn’t include only checking the locks on doors and windows but also the security of tenure, and defining the time-frame for property access. Cotenants from hell can be a bigger problem than the rental conditions or landlord itself, and very often this is an issue many students have to deal with. For the London landlords’ assessment, let’s use a famous quote “if something looks fishy, it probably is”.

For that reason, the best advice for students would be to ask someone more experienced for help and guidance, especially if they’re renting their first apartment.

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Students’ rental priorities

Of course, priorities are a very personal thing, but if we’re talking about responsible university students in London, then several conditions need to be met. If money is not an object, which doesn’t happen too often to students, then the sky is a limit. Otherwise, the budget will determine which part of London and what kind of apartment is possible to rent. The second criteria are how far the apartment is from the university. If the place is not close to the university then the second-best would be that it’s well connected. The ideal position also has food stores, coffee shops, and restaurants with excellent yet affordable food close by.


Most students live very busy lives, with hectic schedules so finding an apartment where they can rest comfortably or study in peace, is of great importance. In fact, renting good housing in London requires a lot of work, which is why many of them simply do not have enough time to study. Therefore, many students seek the help of professional essay writers. These writers can be found on freelance sites with top writers in England, ready to help students with any type of writing, from essays to research papers and dissertations.

Living close to the university in London has many benefits. For example, students can join study groups or meet colleagues for study in pairs, or tutoring. With all the writing that needs to be done, help is always more than welcome. In addition, busy students praise one of the most popular essay writing services in the United Kingdom Writix, with experts who can assist them with writing legal assignments, edit labs, or help them do the homework on time and save some of their valuable time for work and other activities.

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Best places in London for students to rent

This is yet another matter of personal preference. However, some parts of London are known as more desirable by students. The easiest way to find which parts are the most convenient for young people is to talk to fellow students or read a few articles or blogs on this subject.

For example, areas in Croydon, South London have very good offers for cotenants with average rents of around £500 per person. Bromley is another affordable area, suitable for young renters on a budget who prefer co-renting. Sutton is only 30-minutes away from London Victoria, well-connected, and closes to educational centers.

Probably the dream come true for most students in London is to find a little, cozy apartment in Woolwich. The area is not far from the center, transportation is very good and the rental prices are relatively low. Another few parts of London, worth considering are Streatham, Leytonstone, Deptford, and Stratford.

Young people move a lot, so after breaking the ice with first rental property things get better. Unfortunately, in some cases, students are discriminated against, and renting an apartment is not always easy for them. Some landlords prefer working adults as tenants, so sometimes their application can be rejected just because they are students. Waiting lists and other priority criteria are still in the domain of competition, due to an absence of legislated rules.


A final word of wisdom for students as far as renting an apartment in London is concerned is to find the place they can call home and feel safe. If this condition is not fulfilled then everything else is less of a problem. Frequent moving is also not advisable, especially for scholars in the middle of exams as it’ll only bring additional pressure to an already stressful life. The best way would be to follow these steps: make the list of priorities, define the budget, and choose the best city areas, based on the first two steps. And, of course, be patient.


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