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Why People In London Are Building Loft Conversions Over House Extensions

loft conversion

When it comes to extending the home, more often than not it comes down to one simple question – should one opt for a loft conversion or a home extension? For most, this is one of the most difficult decisions yet in London there would appear to be a clear preference and that would be the mighty loft conversion. 

For Londoners far and wide, the loft conversion wins hands down. The question is, why in the Capital, is the loft conversion such a clear winner? Well, to give you a better idea, we’ve listed below a number of the benefits associated with a loft conversion that you simply won’t get when it comes to a home extension.

Why Choose A Loft Conversion For Your London Home

There are numerous benefits of a loft conversion that show just how much a loft conversion can outshine a regular home extension. Here are just a few…

Increase Your Space

It’s perhaps one of the most obvious benefits but a loft conversion will increase your space and it will do by utilising what is for most people, dead space that you already have available. Let’s face it, our lofts are usually used for storing seasonal decorations and any junk that we simply don’t want lying around the house but can’t bring ourselves to throw out. 

While this type of storage is handy, it’s not a necessity and having your loft converted into a room will increase your amount of ‘liveable space’. Whether you’re looking for an extra ensuite bedroom or an enclosed office space where you can escape from the noise of daily life, a loft conversion will give you that.

Keep Your Outside Space

One thing that can be an incredible downside of a home extension is the fact that more often than not you have to lose valuable outdoor space. In London, outdoor space such as gardens and even side access can be very few and far between. Thankfully, with a loft conversion however, that sacrifice doesn’t need to be made. You can extend your home’s floor space by simply going up and keeping your garden as it is.

Enjoy Natural Light

One of the advantages of a loft conversion is that you’re automatically going to enjoy more natural light as a result of having no other properties blocking you. Whether you choose to have a dormer loft conversion or a Velux window, you’re going to enjoy natural light beaming through your windows all day long. Forget shadows from other properties and even trees because you’ll be way above it all. This is a massive advantage that home extensions are sometimes never able to offer; especially in the crowded streets of London. 

Save Time & Money

This is a really big advantage for most people, whether they’re in London or not. Moving home is very costly. From solicitors fees to estate agent fees and then of course stamp duty fees. Side or rear extensions are no different either. Often people can invest thousands of pounds into an extension before a brick is even laid thanks to ground works, with footings, drainage and much more needing to be carried out in preparation. 

With a loft conversion however, you’ll find it a much more cost-effective solution as you’re simply converting the space that’s already there – ready and waiting. Forget having to invest in footings and in some cases, with a loft conversion, you may not even have to invest in planning permission either. 

Again, saving you a lot of money. You’ll also find the entire process much quicker and far more efficient than a side extension and no doubt much faster than moving home too. With a decent ROI, a loft conversion is by far a much better option, saving you time and money in the process.

Enjoy Amazing Views

With a loft conversion, you’re creating a room or floor with unobstructed views. Say goodbye to the view of neighbouring houses as more often than not, you’ll enjoy the views above the roofs of surrounding properties, looking far beyond into the distance. Enjoy the sheer beauty of the horizon. Not only will this be something to enjoy for those living in the property but it also makes a great addition when it comes to selling a property as good views are something everyone seeks.

Contact Clapham Construction Service

If you’d like to speak with a professional when it comes to your potential loft conversion, we recommend contacting the experts at Clapham Construction Service. These guys have become specialists in loft conversions in London and have spent years working in the capital, becoming familiar with local council requirements as well as the trials and tribulations of building in such a metropolitan city, with narrow streets and sometimes even narrower homes. 

With the help of their free consultation, they’ll be able to show you exactly what is possible, when it comes to building your dream loft conversion – expanding your home while preserving your precious outdoor space. Call Clapham Construction Service today on 0203 950 7957 or email them via During your free consultation, they’ll be able to tell you whether your current loft space is viable for a loft conversion and if so, the different loft conversions available to you, to help you achieve your end goal.