High demand for gardens

A garden can be a massive help when selling a home during these unseasonably difficult market conditions, research from estate agent platform eXp UK has found.

With summer in full swing and a period of hot weather upon us, exp UK analysed current demand levels for homes with gardens in the UK and the price premium that buyers are willing to pay for some quality outdoor space.

Demand is calculated by measuring the number of properties with gardens that are listed for sale against those that are already under offer or sold subject to contract (SSTC). For example, if there are 100 homes and 50 are SSTC, demand is measured at 50%.

As it stands nationwide demand for garden properties is at 46%, rising to 61% in Scotland.

Adam Day, head of eXp UK, said: “Gardens have always been great value-adders in the UK market, not just during the dark days of pandemic restrictions.

“As a result, demand for a garden property is high pretty much across the board and the addition of a garden will certainly help you attract attention is what has become a slower market in recent months.

“Not only will a garden help attract buyers, but they also add a 13% house price premium which should help sellers negate some of the negative price growth seen since the tail end of last year.”

In the North East, South West, and North West, garden demand is currently 48%, while in the South East, Yorkshire & Humber, and the West Midlands, it measures 46%.

Even in London, where gardens are less common, 42% of available homes with a garden have already been sold.

For those in London who are selling a home with a garden, demand might be at the lowest level in the UK, but when a successful buyer comes along, they’re going to pay the nation’s highest price premium.

On average, a garden adds an estimated 13% to a home’s value. Based on the current average house price of £285,009, this means the UK-wide garden premium averages £36,766.

In London, however, where the average house price is £523,325, a garden is going to boost the seller’s payday by £67,509.