Holiday let landlords with electric car ports can charge a premium

Apartment listings with EV charging capability cost an additional £134 per night throughout the UK, a 74.3% premium compared to those without, research in collaboration with Skoda UK shows.

Listings with electric charging ports costs £315 per night compared with an average price per night of £181 for those without – suggesting investors can charge a premium if they install a port.

London is the third most expensive European capital city for apartments with EV charging, costing +119.2% more than apartments without.

Holidaymakers in Oxfordshire can expect to pay the largest premium for a holiday rental with an EV charger, with a whopping +317.3% increase for this feature across all listings.

Compared with the UK, there is less of a premium charged throughout European capitals for apartment rentals offering EV charging.

On average, apartments with EV charging will cost £250 per night versus £180 for those without, representing a premium of +38.7%.

When isolating 1-bed apartments, UK holidaymakers can expect to pay +92.7% more for an apartment with an EV charger.

With 2-bed apartments it’s an even bigger premium of +143.9%, while 3-bed properties with ports cost +124.1% more than those without.