Think tank: Evictions should be blocked for first year

Landlords should be unable to serve an eviction notice for at least the first year of a tenancy – even if they are selling or occupying a property, according to think tank Fabian Society.

The left wing think tank also reckons eviction notice periods should be increased to four months as standard, while winter evictions should be permanently banned, like they are in Scotland/

Landlords should also have to pay tenants two months’ rent to move if it’s against their will.

Fabian Society said: “Relocation payments will shift power to tenants, protecting them from landlords seeking to exploit unaffordable rent increases to circumvent security for tenants.”

Other proposals are a national landlords register covering the private rented sector as well as Airbnbs, which would detail past rent levels. Money from the register would help fund local authority enforcement.

Meanwhile the government should launch a local scheme where homes can be bought from landlords and turned into social housing, in what would have the opposite effect of Right to Buy.