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BCS calls for stronger collaboration in facilities management

Mr. Crogan's suggestions came at a time when the Government of Dubai is undertaking a series of concerted measures to boost the property sector and strengthen investor confidence in real estate. He said that strata management is the way forward in sustaining value in property developments as it strengthens consumer confidence by instilling a stronger sense of ownership.

"There is no better time to implement the Strata Management Law in Dubai- we have an enormous stock of developed properties that require proper management to secure value and quality for the long-term and the future of Dubai. Having created a world-class environment, we can't afford to let this go through uncoordinated and lax management," he said.

Mr Crogan said that the Strata management law has been issued in 2008 under the Dubai Condominium Law No. 27 of 2007 but awaits ratification. 

"Strata Law is an opportunity for Facilities Management, not an impediment, and in this environment it is more important than ever for Strata Management and facilities management to work together. We have one product, which is the future quality of the environment in Dubai, which we all need to work together to protect. All these sectors can work together to ride successfully through the current economic situation," he explained.

BCS Strata Management Services, a joint venture of PICA and National Properties, is currently employing its experience and expertise to build awareness on the Strata Law, in addition to providing industry leading strata management services to major developers in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

The Real Estate Regulatory Agency (RERA) in Dubai has tied up with BCS Strata Management Services to educate over 5,000 industry professionals this year under the RERA Real Estate Accreditation programme at the Dubai Real Estate Institute.