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New Cupar office appoints for CKD Galbraith

John, 65, is well known to generations of house buyers and residents throughout St Andrews and the wider Fife area after establishing local property agency Bradburne & Co in 1993.
During a distinguished career, John built up a wealth of contacts within the residential property sector and has supplemented these connections through his outside interests, including an illustrious race horse training business assisting his wife, Sue.
It is this knowledge and expertise he will bring to his consultancy role with CKD Galbraith to assist the Cupar office in developing new instructions and extending its reach to new clients.
John Bradburne said: “I’m delighted to be joining CKD Galbraith as a consultant and being able to utilise the experience I’ve built up through more than 40 years in the property trade.
“I’ve known George Lorimer who heads up agency in Fife and Angus for CKD Galbraith for several years and admire the speed at which he and his dynamic team have built up their high quality residential portfolio, so when CKD Galbraith invited me to assist I was more than happy to come on board.
“The Kingdom of Fife has an exciting property market in which to be involved and I’m delighted to do whatever I can to promote the region locally and beyond.
“Although I recently left my own business, the love of property and interest in the housing market never leaves you so to be able to assist CKD Galbraith in growing their business is the perfect arrangement for me.”
Mike Reid, head of CKD Galbraith’s Cupar office, said: “I have known John for over 30 years and I am delighted to be in a position to appoint someone of his standing and experience on a consultancy basis.
“Despite the difficult property market of the last few years, CKD Galbraith has continued to grow its business throughout Scotland and the challenge ahead is to continue this trend.”
“Although John won’t normally be involved in day-to-day transactions, his outstanding contacts and local knowledge will assist George to continue to generate high quality new instructions in St Andrews and throughout the Kingdom of Fife.”
George Lorimer, in charge of CKD Galbraith’s agency operation in Fife and Angus, commented: “John Bradburne’s reputation in agency circles in Fife is highly regarded and it will be a privilege to be able to work with him to further enhance CKD Galbraith’s growing reputation in Fife and beyond.” 
The CKD Galbraith office at Cupar is currently handling property sales in excess of £20,000,000, ranging from cottages and conversions to country houses, farms and estates.