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The Go Zone gains more celebrity interest

In the run up to the festive season it seems that good food and dining play a big part in southern culture all year round, with fresh seafood on its doorstep and the unique French – Cajun delicacies all being found on local menus.

Food is something greatly associated with the USA in general but in a recent report featured on the MHRA (Mississippi Hospitality and Restaurant Association) website and in the New York publication 'Reuters Life!' things are also changing in the way that the USA 'do' food. With the old slogan "big is best" being put to one side in favour of the meze or tapas style of eating being adopted by many restaurants it seems that the little things are making the biggest difference.

Chef John Kinsella, president of the American Culinary Federation and senior chef instructor at Midwest Culinary Institute in Cincinnati says: "The trend of small plates is definitely hot, including offering tasting menus of small portions of food, wine or other alcohol beverages. The trend I have seen as the fastest growing of 2008 is the alternative-source ingredients — local produce, organics, sustainable seafood, grass-fed and free-range items."

Chef John Kinsella's comments echo that of our very own Jamie Oliver who has just returned from New Orleans following a whistle stop tour of some of the areas most prolific restaurants including Café Du Monde, an original French Market coffee stand that is over 100 years old.

A recent post on Jamie Oliver's website says: "I had a chance to meet Jamie at Cafe Du Monde in New Orleans while he was filming a new show for British TV.
It was an amazing moment for me as he was one of the biggest influences when I first started getting into cooking. You get very few chances to meet someone you admire."

The Jamie Oliver team can reveal that filming was being undertaken for Channel 4 but have no further information to release at this time.

Whether it is Brad Pitt and his ongoing support of the regeneration of the GO Zone, the area that was directly affected by hurricanes Rita and Katrina or Jamie Oliver, our very own national treasure, drawing our attention to the area, it is good to see that interest in a region still recovering from the hurricanes that caused so much damage has not waned.

Danny Silver, Principal of Property Direct America a company making a big difference in the Go Zone by producing eco friendly steel framed houses goes onto to say, "On my recent visit to the area it was great to see the progress that is being made with the building of homes for the people returning to the area. The communities are so strong and it seems that as people work together and as individuals invest it truly is the small things that are making the big difference to people's lives."