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Limpopo-Lipadi triumphs again with gold at the 2008 Homes Overseas Awards

Worlds away from tracking rhino and habituating a new family of wild dogs onto the ever growing reserve located in eastern Botswana, Marneweck waited patiently as the awards were announced. Saving the best until last, some might say, the award for Most Sustainable Development was awarded to Limpopo-Lipadi for the second year running.

"It's been an exciting year for us, seeing positive response to the reserve from the UK and other global markets despite the current financial climate" says Marneweck, who had flown in especially for the awards. "We were delighted to win an award last year and were very honoured to be short listed again. We left Botswana at 40˚C and London's climate always comes as a bit of a shock but it is good to attend an event where the very best in the property industry are represented."

Covering an expanse of over 80,000 acres, the Limpopo-Lipadi reserve offers investors passionate about the environment, about Africa and about making a positive impact on the planet, the chance to contribute to and benefit from a unique project. Marneweck says: "The creation of a working investment and tourism model that will lead the field when it comes to environmentally, ecologically and socially conscientious and responsible tourism has always been the ethic driving this project." 

"During construction of the reserve's accommodation elements, anything from the trees to the termite mounds were protected from any impact" continues Marneweck: "Ultimately Limpopo-Lipadi's environmental administration plan is one of the strictest and most comprehensive ensuring the game and wilderness reserve leads the way with ecologically sensitive and intelligent tourism and protects and enhances the natural landscape in beautiful Botswana." Marneweck concludes: "It is a privilege to work in such a beautiful country with amazing people and rich culture and this award is another reflection of the team's hard work and dedication to the bigger picture of true sustainability."