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New head of commercial real estate lending for Standard Life Investments

ondon and will lead Standard Life Investments' entry into this market in the UK.

Standard Life Investments will be building on over 50 years of commercial real estate lending experience in Canada established by Standard Life, complementing existing capabilities in commercial real estate and fixed income investing.

Odom-Haslett will be responsible for all aspects of the Standard Life Investments commercial real estate lending platform with a focus initially on good quality senior secured loans in the UK.

‘The real estate lending market across Europe is continuing to experience a structural shift as non bank lenders increase their market share in seeking to address the imbalance between supply and demand for real estate debt. This development has been fuelled by growing interest from institutions in the asset class as they look to further diversify their fixed income and real estate portfolios whilst maintaining and often enhancing yields and risk adjusted returns,’ said David Paine, Head of Real Estate at Standard Life Investments.

‘Over the past 12 months we have been working closely with our colleagues in Canada to develop a platform capable of originating and supporting commercial real estate loans in the UK, drawing upon their considerable knowledge, experience and capability in the asset class built up over many years.

‘Neil has 31 years of experience in commercial real estate and corporate lending developed across a broad range of roles both in the UK and across other European markets. With our leading in-house research process and Focus on Change philosophy, Standard Life Investments is well placed to originate and manage commercial real estate loans with trusted borrowers, offering clients a stable and compelling risk adjusted return.

Odom-Haslett joins from Deutsche Pfandbrief Bank.