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Will you be a ‘super trouper’ to Greece this year?

Well it appears that Greece hasn't escaped the attentions of the low cost and leisure airlines either, with several announcements recently to increase numbers of flights to the mainland and islands from the UK. Greece is sure to be the 'dancing queen' of 2009.

EasyJet has a number of target destinations in Greece including Santorini, home to one of natures great wonders, the Santorini Caldera, and Corfu, made famous by Gerald Durrell in his novel 'My Family and Other Animals'. EasyJet will be flying to Santorini three times a week from London Gatwick with Manchester and Bristol adding flights to Corfu to their schedule.

It isn't just the islands which are proving popular, Monarch has announced new flights to Volos on the mainland, Greece's third city, famed for some of the best seafood in the country and a good base if one wants to visit the beautiful Sporades islands of Skiathos, Skopelos and Alonissos. The flights will jet people over from London Gatwick and Manchester every Friday between 15th May and 9th October. EasyJet too have made the addition of a twice-weekly service from Manchester to the historic capital city of Athens starting in August.

The increase in passenger numbers to every corner of Greece will no doubt have a positive knock on effect to the rest of the tourism industry, which will be reflected in greater demand for hotels and rental accommodation. It is a glorious prospect to think of bustling streets of happy holiday makers, something some resorts can only dream of in the unfortunate economic downturn.

London based Piraeus Bank UK, specialists in foreign exchange services and Greek mortgages, are delighted for their clients, many of whom have second homes across Greece. Irini Tzortzoglou, Deputy Manager of the bank comments:

"Greece is fortunate to have been a focus on the big screen in 2008, which I believe, has further positively profiled this diverse and beautiful country. Whether it has been the Mamma Mia effect or other factors leading airlines to increase flights to Greece, Easyjet's takeover of GB Airways routes for example, it is certainly bright news in what can only be described as a very grey time. As a bank not affected by any toxic debt, unlike most high street banks and institutions, we are remaining positive for what 2009 will bring. With more people travelling to Greece it is a good time for the launch of our competitively priced and transparent foreign exchange service."