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Find the contact info of your prospects with the Kaspr prospecting tool

The LinkedIn prospecting automation tool is a practical solution for generating quality leads. It has many features, allowing you to collect contact information from users of the social network for professionals. This data helps you develop an effective strategy to get new customers or recruit your employees.

Marketing and prospecting automation tool Linkedin

Generating qualified leads is a crucial step in your business prospecting process. However, this task is time consuming when you do it manually. You have to consult several web pages to collect the contact information of potential prospects. Otherwise, you proceed to analyze the profiles of millions of Linkedin users to get in touch with them.

A LinkedIn prospecting automation tool helps you save time and increase your productivity. You lighten the workload of your sales team, who can focus more on selling your products or highlighting your services. They can then implement an effective outbound marketing strategy.

The contact information obtained with Kaspr makes your email campaign easier. Lead scoring tells you the maturity of your prospects, allowing you to personalize your messages. You target a wider audience and get qualified contacts.

Recruiting and the Linkedin prospecting automation tool

The Linkedin prospecting automation tool is also essential for the human resources department in the context of outbound recruiting. The concept has a lot of similarities with the marketing one. The objective is to find high potential candidates for specific positions, in this case engineers. The number of applications is lower than the number of offers in certain sectors of activity. This situation concerns, in particular, IT, engineering or aeronautics.

Applicants have the freedom to choose the companies they want to work for and recruiters must have the right arguments to convince them. The Linkedin prospecting automation tool allows them to find their profile on this social network more quickly. The software collects the contact information of targeted contacts, optimizing the hiring process. This is the perfect personalized approach as recruiters send invitations to let them know about open positions that match their skills.

Kaspr: a software for automating Linkedin prospecting

Kaspr, a 100% French software, allows you to recover all the contact information of a prospect in a few seconds. This Linkedin prospecting automation tool performs a deep analysis on the web to find all existing data and has many advantages.

Easy to use

Download the Kaspr extension from your Google Chrome browser, access your Linkedin account and view the profiles of all the people you are interested in. Click on the dedicated widget to retrieve their contact information, including valid phone numbers and emails. The information collected comes exclusively from public data and not from those stored in private databases. The information obtained is transmitted to the dashboard integrated in the software to be centralized.

You can share the dashboard with all your team members, making it easier to dispatch their work. This feature also allows you to make the most of Linkedin’s filter system to automate and optimize the contact research process. Export the data to your Marketing Automation or CRM if you have an Enterprise subscription.

Great customer Service

The Kaspr team remains available to handle users’ requests and give a quick answer. Book a demo with tem to learn about the features, the perfect strategy for your team and obtaining further integrations. You can also join the community and receive weekly tips about sales, recruitment and marketing trends. More than 15 000 B2B professionals read about those tips each week !

Competitive price

The free trial version allows you to get an idea of the real performance of the software. There are several types of subscriptions that you can subscribe to later on, depending on your needs. The basic package includes 50 credits to search and export contacts. You have 100 credits with the Enterprise package. It also includes workflow automation and CRM or marketing automation integration. You can also choose a custom package if you have other needs, this custom plan allows you to have access to the API.


As we saw Kaspr is a tool for automating Linkedin prospecting. You can choose between several subscriptions depending on your needs. This plugin makes it easy to collect contact information of potential candidates for job openings in your company, it helps you generate quality leads. Download the plugin so you can implement an effective marketing strategy!