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Keeping Betting Shops Alive – Maxim Kiryukhin

In the modern age, it can be quite difficult to keep the classic spirit of betting shops alive and in fashion. Many companies that emphasize the classic in-person betting shop have found themselves cutting back on their services as clients continue to turn to digital betting. Russia’s number one betting company, Fonbet, has done the exact opposite as they continue to promote their in-person betting shops.

Maxim Kiryukhin – the chair of the board – has plenty of confidence in this move. With global pandemics dominating the betting world and the introduction of modern and advanced betting websites, Kiryukhin has a steep hill to climb with his quest to keep betting shops open. Somehow, against the trends of the betting market, Fonbet has found success in its journey.

Betting Shops in the Age of the Internet

One of the biggest struggles Maxim Kiryukhin fonbet have faced is the advent of the internet. Before the internet, betting shops were the only way to place bets on sporting events. There was no digital market that could be accessed from your home and no way for people to dictate their accounts without speaking to a clerk or cashier. Betting shops were at their peak before and in the early days of the internet.

With countless websites and apps available at the touch of a button, betting shops have lost favor in many cases. New customers are difficult to come across and returning customers often turn to the internet sooner rather than later. Kiryukhin has found that his betting shops remain in favor with customers due to their sense of community and loyalty. People come to Fonbet betting shops, not for the bets themselves, but because of the trust they have in the brand.

Kiryukhin’s Response to COVID-19

The global pandemic has forced many betting shops, even those of Fonbet, to face a grim reality: betting online is safer and more accessible. The pandemic forced thousands of betting shops to close and most of them were unable to ever reopen. The only reason – in the words of Kiryukhin – that some were able to survive was because the pandemic forced sports to halt as well.

People weren’t able to bet on anything because nothing was happening so there was no mass migration towards online services other than what was already occurring before the pandemic. Fonbet had closed their shops down well before Russia implemented any social distancing restrictions and continues to enforce strict health policies to anyone who comes to their shops. Kiryukhin notes that Fonbet’s goal is the safety of their customers first.

Continuing Expansions and Outreach

Despite the struggles that betting shops are facing, Fonbet continues to expand and thrive. They’ve even signed a deal with the Kontinental Hockey League – KHL – to help promote the league at a global level. Kiryukhin has played a major part in the success of Fonbet and the survival of in-person betting shops throughout Russia. Despite the struggle with COVID-19 and digital competitors, Fonbet continues to thrive.