Brits feel least safe in Portsmouth and Brighton

UK homeowners and renters feel least safe in Portsmouth and Brighton on the South Coast, with Newcastle, Swansea and Chelmsford coming behind. research found that people feel most unsafe when there’s loitering on the streets (42%), stretched emergency services (38%) and the presence of homeless people (31%).

On the flipside people feel the safest in Oxford, followed by Aberdeen, Glasgow, Norwich and Aberystwyth.

Jessica Willock, home insurance expert at, said: “When it comes to choosing where to live, safety is a key consideration.

“Low crime rates or great emergency services are more likely to make us feel safe and happy living in an area, but this doesn’t mean we’re not at risk of theft or burglaries.

“We are responsible for keeping our properties secure, although many people are confused about the most effective way to do this.

“Our expert advice suggests that installing a burglar alarm could offer you the best security, with some being more sophisticated than others.

“Not only this, but having certain types of alarms installed could offer a discount on your home insurance costs. This is good news for everyone, even those who live in areas where crime is more common.”

People feel safest based on low crime rates in the area (35%), the number of streetlights (21%) and seeing police on the streets (21%).