EPC Improvement Loan for Residential Landlords Now Available

With regulation around EPC (Energy Performance Certificate) ratings for rental properties expected to tighten, Secure Trust Bank Real Estate Finance has launched its latest loan to help landlords improve the energy efficiency of their residential assets. 

The EPC Improvement Loan, which is available to the bank’s existing customers, is designed to help residential landlords remediate their property portfolios with energy saving solutions. The new product is an extension (top-up) to existing loans, providing fixed sums of £6,500 and £13,000 for EPC D and EPC E rated assets respectively. 

An ongoing government consultation¹ is expected to see the announcement that from January 2025, only properties with an EPC rating of C or better² can be let to new tenants. It is also likely that from 2028, all rental properties where there has not been a change of tenant will need to follow. 

Andy Clutterbuck, Regional Head (Midlands and South) at Secure Trust Bank, said: “There has been increasing commentary around the need to improve the energy efficiency of buildings for a long time now. Given the energy and cost-of-living crisis, this has only served to ramp up the noise and push the government to act. The consensus across the lettings market is that stricter rules may well come into force from January 2025. 

“Landlords need to start thinking about how they can get ahead now. That’s why we’ve launched this EPC Improvement Loan to help our customers with properties rated D or lower, so they can seal a loan now and start remedial works as soon as possible.”