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Will EU membership help Montenegro

Montenegro's bid to become a member of the European Union is being backed by countries such as Turkey. The country which was part of the former Yugoslavia prior to being united with Serbia seeks admission into the EU for many reasons including economic stability.

In terms of stability, Montenegro has been seen as one of the most stable in Eastern Europe and is likely to see benefits across the board from EU membership.

This will affect many aspects of the country, including the property investor market. Yet, this may not be incredibly new to many property investors here.

In fact, some investors have been putting money into this country's property market for some time.

In the last months, Montenegro has seen property prices rise, especially in more developed areas. According the country's central bank, some prices will drop in overpriced areas. The central bank here has made it its goal to work to attract foreign investors to the property market.

Many believe that with the inclusion into the EU, property prices will balance out more so, dropping in overpriced areas and becoming more attractive to other EU nationals looking for a stable location to invest in.