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Hope Capital unveils low rate and high LTV bridging products

Hope Capital has launched the ‘Seventies Collection’, which comprises of two bridging loan products available for seven weeks.

The HOPE 70 bridging product offers the lender’s lowest non-discounted rate of 0.70% per month, and the HOPE 75 provides its highest LTV of 75%.

Gary Bailey, managing director of Hope Capital, said: “We have seen a recent surge in demand for good-value bridging loans for residential property.

“We anticipate the Seventies Collection will meet this market demand, and be particularly useful for securing immediate funding whilst mainstream lenders are unable to meet the needs of borrowers in the timeframes they require to seize the opportunities.

“All our new products are designed to provide innovative solutions which offer flexibility and affordability for the borrower.”

The two products are available throughout England and Wales for a loan period of up to 12 months both to individuals and companies. The loan will be available on a first charge basis.

Borrowers can use the loans for property purchases in a range of situations from a straightforward purchase, buying at auction, with or without a light refurbishment or to chain-break a mortgage.

Additionally, the loan can be used to refinance existing debt and give the borrower time to put in place a longer-term finance solution.

Hope Capital has ringfenced funds for this offer, which will be available for new enquiries that complete by the 23rd October. Funds will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis.