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Is Glasgow the Most-Affordable UK Location?

Home interior specialists have today launched a brand new, online tool ‘Can I afford to buy a house here?’ that calculates how much you would need to earn per hour to buy a house in each of the UK’s postcodes.

The online tool includes property prices across all 12 regions of the UK; users simply need to enter the postcode, town or city name they’re curious about purchasing in and the tool will calculate the hourly salary needed to buy a property there, as well as comparing the affordability with the rest of the UK.

The calculator is based on a single person working 37.5 hours a week and mortgage repayments being 35 per cent of their income.

Out of 2,602 postcodes in the UK, the tool revealed that G34 in Glasgow is the most affordable, with those looking to buy in that location having to earn just £2.36 per hour. On the other hand, N2 in London tops the charts as the least affordable, with buyers needing to earn a staggering £292.29 per hour.

The tool also revealed the top 10 most affordable postcodes in the UK, based on income per hour:

  1. G34, Glasgow – £2.58
  2. PA17, Skelmorlie – £3.89
  3. TS29, Trimdon Station – £5.34
  4. NP24, New Tredegar – £5.53
  5. LL41, Blaenau Ffestiniog – £5.89
  6. HX1, Elland – £6.20
  7. BD5, Bradford – £6.73
  8. BD1, Bradford – £6.77
  9. G22, Glasgow – £6.92
  10. CH44, Wallasey – £7.14

For those able to splash the cash, the top 10 ‘least affordable’ postcodes in the UK, based on income per hour, were found to be:

  1. N2, London – £292.29
  2. NW8, London – £238.68
  3. GU25, Virginia Water – £205.82
  4. SW3, London – £189.50
  5. W8, London – £183.98
  6. WC2B, London – £163.19
  7. WC2E, London – £163.19
  8. WC2H, London – £163.19
  9. WC2N, London – £163.19
  10. WC2R, London – £163.19

Lucy Askew, spokesperson for, said: “Following the 2021 House Index revealing average UK house prices had risen by 10.2 per cent over the past year, coupled with the stamp holiday duty being halved at the end of June, house hunters are faced with many affordability issues. Although the tool highlights the least affordable homes, it also shows house hunters where in the UK they should look to buy and are able to live comfortably, knowing they’ll have lots of disposable income at hand – which is so important in the current climate.”