Living near an ‘outstanding’ rated school costs 78% more

Parents face a 78% premium to live near an Ofsted rated ‘outstanding’ state secondary school, Trussle analysis of Zoopla data shows.

Homes in postcodes with ‘outstanding’ schools had an average price of  £446,919, £195,919 above the ONS average English house price of £251,000

Miles Robinson, head of mortgages at Trussle, said: “Recent reports suggest that buyers’ are prioritising space and access to green areas above all else since the recent lockdown.

“But, the increasing premiums of house prices near ‘outstanding’ rated state secondary schools clearly demonstrates that parents are still prioritising their children’s education above other factors.

“As a result, this continues to drive up prices near top schools and the premium on homes within these areas will be welcome for those already living there.”

He added: “However, purchasing a home near a good school doesn’t mean you need to necessarily pay above the odds.

“The most expensive homes near top rated schools are of course in and around the capital. What’s more, there are a huge number of areas across the country that offer competitive prices against the average cost of a home.

“And so, for those who might be willing to consider relocating, there are still opportunities to secure a dream home that will also put your child’s education first.”

Bradford is the most affordable city to purchase a home near an ‘outstanding’ rated state secondary school, at £99,790 to live near Carlton Bolling College or Feversham Academy.