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Masthaven launches fees-free remortgage range

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Masthaven Bank has launched free-free remortgage products at 3.59% for a 2-year fix and 3.99% for a 5-year fix, both up to 65% loan-to-value.

Products come with a minimum loan of £40,000 and a maximum of £250,000, with a 2% early repayment charge in year one and 1% from year two to five.

Rob Barnard (pictured), director of intermediaries at Masthaven, said: “Many homeowners are approaching the end of their current mortgage scheme and are beginning to explore their options. Brokers are working to support that process, and Masthaven is supporting homeowners and intermediaries with this new range of fees-free products.

“At Masthaven, we are working to respond positively to changes in the market and these new products follow the launch of our new bridging valuation options earlier this month. We are doing all we can to support our broker partners as we trade together through this challenging time.”

Product comes with no legal fees, while they include a free valuation.