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Abu Dhabi property show to address change and potential in the real estate sector

It is aimed at addressing the latest developments in the property sector that have rocked the Middle East recently as well as dealing with a number of new rules and regulations that come into force in 2009.

Organisers of the three day IREIS 2009 real estate and investment show which opens on January 29 said they want to open a debate on the various issues that are affecting the real estate industry.

'The daily seminar will address the latest developments and feature industry experts and chief executives of major property developers in the UAE and the region,' said Antoine George, Executive Director of Dome, the organisers.

'This will allow all participants to get acquainted with the latest developments in this vital sector amidst the current global financial crisis, which was triggered by the US Sub-prime problem and has largely affected the world economy,' he added.

'This show and the accompanying seminar are of utmost significance at this time for all those concerned with the real estate sector, mainly property developers, contractors, suppliers and others.'

Among the issues to be discussed are recent measures taken by the UAE to ensure sufficient liquidity to local banks and to mergers among real estate financing companies.

Among the papers to be presented at the seminar is one by Dr. Ali Matar, Editor in Chief of A-Z Property Guide of Abu Dhabi entitled 10 Tips to Buying Property in Abu Dhabi.

Gurjit Singh, Chief Property Development Officer at Sorouh will address the issue of whether or not now is a good time for property investor to buy in the region and Linda Loughnane, Managing Director LLJ Property will talk on property investment yields.

'IREIS 2009 will be an opportunity to see the latest projects in the real estate sector in the UAE and the entire region. The event is expected to be an ideal place for signing major property deals given the fact that this show is the first event specialized in finalizing deals between property developers, investors and end users, concluded George.