Bahrain property developer off to a good start

In the first year of its existence, RealLANDS has done a pretty good job of their profits.

There are many property development companies that are starting up and almost immediately starting to make their own fortunes in the property markets of the Middle East. In some ways, the climate of the average Middle East market is such that everyone seems to be making money and it is in this climate that Bahrain-based property developer RealLANDS made a ground-breaking announcement.

Within the first year of their existence and operations, RealLANDS was able to announce in a recent press conference that they made a profit of $5.2 million. The company, which is a subsidy real estate firm under the authority of the larger umbrella organisation of RealCAPITA, was reportedly very profitable in terms of having lower costs than expected and higher revenues than expected.

As a result of the $5.2 million profit that RealLANDS made over the last year, they will be paying out dividends to their investors that are equivalent to approximately 20% of the paid-up capital of the company. It is rare for a company to be able to do that in the first year and it is just another illustration of how investing in Middle Eastern property markets today will pay many rewards down the road as the markets do nothing but continue to grow.

The dividends that will be paid out to investors will be worth roughly the same amount as the quoted profit figure and according to RealLANDS Chairman Mohammed Al Tawash, a combination of good future prospects and available strategic partnerships throughout the Middle East is only going to result in more profits for the company later on down the road. Tawash expects more great things in the future for RealLANDS as they continue to expand their property holdings and development operations within the country of Bahrain.