Dubai Properties eyes domestic and international expansion

Dubai Properties has recently been spotlighted as being a company that plans to invest internationally and create a total market presence of nearly $200 billion at the end of the period of time stretching three years from now.

The success of the Dubai property market has prompted some developers to expand their presence globally. One such company is Dubai Properties Group.

DPG plans to expand their global investments to $190 billion within the next three years. To accomplish this, the company is looking to grow into several emerging markets. DPG has been studying India, Pakistan, Tunis, Qatar, Uzbekistan, Madagascar and the Maldives to determine what kind of market potential these areas have.

India's property market has experienced its ups and downs, but recently announced plans to allow REITs to operate in the financial sector. Analyst claim that this will boost the overall market. Overseas investors have been waiting for an announcement like this, since it will allow diverse investment into the emerging property market.

The other countries DPG is reviewing, Pakistan, Tunis, Qatar, Uzbekistan, Madagascar and the Maldives, are still in need of in-depth research.

Market feasibility must be determined as well as short and long term growth potential. Demand must be created in these areas before overseas investors begin to flock to the regions, but as surrounding property markets begin to soar, it is hoped that these markets will benefit. One thing that would help is increased government cooperation with investors and developers.

While Dubai Properties Group is looking elsewhere, they certainly haven't given up on the Dubai property market. The Dubai real estate market is still in constant need of fresh supply. DPG plans to develop over 5,000 commercial and residential units this year alone.